Our way of growing Echinocereus by seeds is a very common method while using small plastic pots. Our recommendation is a soil mix from Kakteen-Schwarz which includes necessary soil ingredients. Put the soil mix into plastic cups (250 ml) which are normally used for food and will be filled up to the half. Carefully watering with approx. 70 ml water. On top put a small layor the fine grained "Kieselgur" (diatomaceous soil). Strew seeds and press them a little. Close the cup and bring the pot into bright light (we recommend fluorescent tubes with 12 hours of light). Temperatures of 20 to 25C should be the best for good germination. Leave cup closed until seedlings show some areoles and germination is finished. Open the pot to get the seedling adjust on normal climate conditions. Repot seedlings earliest when missing space will lead to length growth.

Happy growing